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Activity 3

I really hope you have had fun with this mornings activities, and have enjoyed the story! It is such an amazing story that I think, we could definitely keep coming back to throughout the year. Sometimes, books like this can help us more than we could ever imagine!



Now, I am sure that you all have lots of books that you love to read at home!! 

Now is your chance to tell me all about them!


I want you to think really hard about your all time favourite book. You are going to be writing a book review for your favourite book, using the template below or the template on Purple Mash! Then, you can have a go at designing a new and different front cover for that book!

You could also think about who in our class might also enjoy your favourite book. You can share this when we are all back together on Monday!!!
Now, get creative and design your own front cover for your favourite book! Don't forget to include the title and author, and make it amazing!!!