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Art & Design Technology

“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse.

At Stephen's we love to be creative, learn new skills and discover amazing Artists and Designers. 


Every child in our school has an Art and DT sketchbook, we use these to keep hold of all our creative learning and experiment with our new skills. 


Each term, every class completes an Art and DT unit of work, you will often see our fantastic art work displayed around our school. 


In Art, we look at: drawing, colour, texture, form, printing and pattern. We research artists and learn from them, we experiment with new skills and we create unique masterpieces!

Design and Technology 

In DT (Design and Technology) we learn a new unit every term. Across school we look at design, make and evaluate everything we do. We look at existing structures and learn new skills to plan and create our own designs. 


We are so excited for this year, as our Sunshine Room is now open, containing our brand new children's kitchen. All classes will have a food technology unit and use our new kitchen.

Year 3 testing the new kitchen!