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Autumn Term

Making circuits

Viking Dances

Freya and the Goblins part 1 FINAL

Here is the Saga of Freya and the Goblins which we will be writing about on Friday.

Freya and the Goblins part 2 FINAL

Watch what happens to Freya in the saga. What lesson do you think she learnt?
Could you think of a better ending?
Have a go!

Here is our fantastic viking class novel:

Equivalent Fractions.

Watch this video. It helps explain equivalent fractions. Enjoy...

Take a look at the fraction wall below and see if you can find some equivalent fractions!

In maths we have been tackling equivalent fractions!

Can you tell your parents an equivalent fraction to a half, a quarter, what about 3 quarters?

Remember the song Year 4!

The Vikings are coming!

This term the children will be learning all about the Vikings!


We will be learning:

 Where they came from.

Why they settled in Britain.

How they traveled

How they lived

Longboats and figure heads

The attack on Lindisfarne.


The children have loved creating Viking ship artwork and are looking forward to becoming Viking warriors in Outdoor Learning. Don't be alarmed if you see Vikings plundering in the local community! It's all in the name of learning!


We created our own pneumatic moving monsters! Can you see how the syringes move the mouth of the monsters?

The children did a great job designing and creating. Well done guys!