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Computer Studies

Then look at the information (data)  below on the sheet, that Mrs Poole has collected about how children travel to school.

Log into Purplemash, using your password and go into your 2Dos. Complete the pictogram with the information. 

There is also a help sheet to show you how to use the pictogram.

When you have finished save it on Purplemash and answer the questions on the sheet Mrs Poole has given you. 

Remember, you do not need to send me a picture of you on Purplemash, because I can see your work on here. Have fun!

If you want to, you could then make up your own pictogram, using the other types of pictures. Maybe, you could ask you family about their favourite types of animals and make a pictogram about it!

Information for pictogram and questions

Help sheet for using Purplemash and pictogram 2Do