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Computer Studies

Today, we are going to start the first part of our work in our computer studies about how to follow and create simple instructions on a computer. In computer studies, this is called an algorithm.

Algorithms are precise, 'step-by-step' sets of instructions used to solve a problem or an activity.

Watch the BBC video below to find out more.

Next, log into Purplemash and open the 2Do: Bird activity algorithm instructions. Ask your adult to read the step by step instructions for colouring the bird (see below), using the colouring tools. Listen carefully to each step and the colour you need to use for the different body parts. Save your work when you have finished, exit and then go back into your 2Do's to hand in your work.


When you follow instructions, like you have done to complete your bird, you are behaving like a computer; it cannot think for itself, so we (humans) need to give very clear instructions in steps,  so that it can do anything. We do this using a program.


A program is an algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine, which can be a computer (including tablets, phones etc) or a robot.


Algorithm bird instructions

Extra activity

If you would like to follow some more instructions, you can complete the Hansel and Gretel house activity, as well on Purplemash. This has also been set as a 2Do for you. Instructions of how to complete it are below.