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Computer Studies

Today, we are going to continue with our work on algorithms. 

Chat with your adult about

  • what a recipe is.
  • What is included in a recipe? (think about the cookery non-fiction book Mrs Poole showed you on Microsoft teams last week).
  • Why do we need recipes?


Next, open 'the wrong sandwich' activity on Purplemash. I have allocated it as a 2Do for you. Look at the picture of the sandwich. What do you think has gone wrong with the algorithm (instructions) for making the cheese sandwich?

Click OK once you have looked at the picture. Then click on the green cross to go to the gallery of pictures. Look through the gallery of pictures. The algorithm is not very good, so a robot making a sandwich could probably make some mistakes.

Chat with your adult about the 'wrong photos'. What has happened? How have they gone wrong?

ADULTS SEE the instructions below to help your children understand about some of the pictures/photos and sentences that have gone wrong.


Which sentences have gone wrong? :-

Now, let's debug the algorithm.


When you debug a program, you look for any bugs (problems) in the code and try to fix them.


  1. Read and go through each step in order and see if you can correct it, by matching the correct picture to the instruction and making the sentence better. If the instruction just says put the cheese on the bread, then the robot will put the whole block of cheese on the bread. You will need to change the sentence to say - slice the cheese and put it on the bread. Remember to save your work at the end. 


  1. Finally, have a go at the making pancakes 2Do and making crispy cakes 2Do, by looking at the pictures, chatting to an adult and thinking about the different steps to make the recipes. Think carefully, before moving the pictures into place to make the instruction.