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Today, you will be thinking about performance poetry. This means not just reading poetry, but also acting out the poetry. Another word we use for 'acting out' is 'performing' or giving a 'performance'.

You can learn more about this by watching the video below of Joseph. He will give you some ideas on how to perform some words from a poem.  

How to perform a poem

Watch Joseph Coelho, He will explain how poetry can be fun to act out and the best ways to do this.

Next, read the poem 'That's what I like'. Read it yourself if you can or ask an adult to read it to you. 

It is all about the senses and there are 5 verses (parts to the poem). Today, I would like you to learn 1 or 2 verses (parts) off by heart!

You can choose, which you like the best. Keep practising it, until you know it. Tomorrow, you will add some action to the words.

That's what I like poem