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Today, you are going to perform 1 or 2 parts of the poem that you learnt yesterday from 'That's what I like'.

I want you to carefully think about the actions you can use for the words in the poem. You can decide whether some words might be said quietly, slowly, loudly or quickly


Choose your actions, choose how to use your voice and practise saying the words from your part of the poem and do the actions to show the words at the same time. Remember, to keep your voice clear, so other people can hear the words and choose actions to match the words. At the end of each verse, do an action to show which sense you are using.

Once you have practised and are ready to perform, ask an adult at home to take a video of you and upload it onto your dojo portfolio.

I can't wait to see your happy videos! Have fun!

Here is a powerpoint to help you with some ideas for performing your poem, if you need it.