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Here is a different poem about the senses. Read it yourself or ask an adult to read it to you. Listen out for the adjectives that describe some of the objects in the poem. Remember, an adjective is a describing word. 

Then, sort the adjectives in the boxes to match the senses. Some of the adjectives might only match one of our senses. Some adjectives might match two of the senses. For example, we might smell something that is 'burnt' or we might taste something that is burnt. Sometimes, we can even see something that is burnt, if smoke comes out of it.



I can hear, see, feel, smell poem

There are two sheets. Only complete one of the sheets. 

The first sheet has some adjectives ready for you to sort.

The second sheet is more of a challenge sheet for you to find the adjectives in the poem and then add some of your own. If you understand adjectives really well. Then this is the sheet for you!