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The light shines in the darkness here!

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Today, I would like you to have a good, long think about our school and community and what it means to you! 


This week, you will have a go at writing your own verse/stanza of a poem (or two). This will begin with 'At St Stephens...' 


So today, you are going to write a plan for your poem. 


To plan mine, I first thought about one main aspect about St Stephens. I thought that we are all kind! I was then able to put this into the first line for my poem: 'At St Stephens, we are all kind.' 


From there, I used a website to help me find different words that would rhyme with 'kind' that I could have used in my poem! I found 'minds', 'find', 'behind' and 'bind'. 


I then selected my two favourite ones: 'minds' and 'find'. I then found a way to add these into my poem:


At St Stephens, we are all kind. 

We spread love through our hearts and minds. 

Just come to visit and you will find, 

The light shines in the darkness here.


Today, I would like you to think about finishing the first line 'At St Stephens...'. 

Whichever word ends up last is the word that you will try to rhyme!

So from there, you can use the website (link below) to find your rhyming words.


Use this as your date and learning question: 


Tuesday 19th January 2021

Can I brainstorm rhyming words for my poem? 


Brainstorm all of your rhyming words like this: