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Today, we are going to write our own Winter senses poem.


First, I would like you to think about your 5 senses in the Winter! What can you see, hear, smell, taste and feel? This is different from other seasons.

Listen and watch the story video  to help you think about some of the things we do in Winter, especially when it snows, like it did the other week!

Why I Love Winter - By Daniel Howarth

Exploring winter with our senses sheet

  •  Now, I would like you to think about one thing that you can see, you can hear, you can taste, you can feel and you can smell when you are doing some of these things in Winter.
  • If you want to, you could make a quick note of these things on the 'exploring winter with our senses sheet' to remember some of them. For example, you might see snow, snowflakes, frost. You might hear bells, a fire, wind. You might smell chocolate, Christmas cake etc. 
  • Next, think of an adjective (a describing word)  to describe these things (the nouns).
  • For example, if I can see snowflakes. I might describe these as shiny or white. Then I would think about different adjectives for all the things I could hear, taste, feel and smell.
  • When you have done this, you are ready to start writing your senses poem! See the snowglobe sheet below.





You can use the Snow globe template sheet to write your own poem. If you want to , you could also draw a Winter picture to go with your poem. There is a blank snowglobe sheet for you to use for a picture, if you want it.


Remember, to use adjectives (describing words) in your poem with your noun (the things you can see, hear etc) to make it interesting! To make your writing even better, tell me what the things are doing.


Here is my first line to my poem, using an adjective:-

I can see shiny snowflakes falling on the ground.