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Today, you will need to look at the work that you produced yesterday! You should have a brainstorm with one word, and lots of other rhyming words around it! 


Now, it is time to try and put these words into a sentence, making sure that these come at the end! 


For example, 


When I had the word 'minds', I knew that this rhymed with kind, so I knew this needed to go at the end of my sentence! 


I then thought, what could I say about St Stephens including our minds? I know that we all think lovely things and share love, so I could write the sentence: 'We spread love through our hearts and minds'. 


So today, I would like you to choose your two favourite rhyming words. Then, try to put these words at the end of a sentence that you could use in your poem! 


Tomorrow, we will have a go at writing the poem! 


Use the following as the date and learning question:


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Can I begin to write my poem?