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This morning when you listened to the story of  'Can't you sleep Little Bear'  (with Year 1 on Microsoft teams or by the video on the 'English with Art' lesson), you chose to draw either the character of 'Little Bear' or 'Big Bear.' Use this character to think about  their feelings in the story. Their feelings might have changed throughout the story. Chat to your adult about the different words (adjectives) you could use to describe their feelings. If you joined us on Microsoft teams this morning, we would have chatted about some of these feelings, when we shared the story.

Activity 1

Next, use the picture you drew of either 'Big Bear' or 'Little Bear' to write their feelings around the picture. Try and keep this neat and use your 'phonics' to sound out the words by yourself, if you can. See the sheet below of how to set out your words around the picture. You might want to ask an adult to draw lines around your picture for you, so you can write your words own this.

I would like you to write at least 6 words(adjectives)for their feelings. If you can think of more, this would be fantastic! Remember, to choose the best adjectives you can think of. Don't use the words such as 'good' or 'bad', as they don't tell us much about feelings. 



Activity 2

Next, choose one of the adjectives you have used for the Bear feelings and write a sentence to say how you know or why you think 'Big Bear' or 'Little Bear' felt like this. Use the joining words (connectives) 'because' or 'so' to help you join your sentences together. Here is an example:-


Big Bear was kind because he brought Little bear some lanterns.