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Role-play and Den Building

Today, I would like you to think about the story setting - the cave in a snowy forest and what the cave might have been like for Little Bear.

Have you ever seen the inside of a cave?

Look below to see some pictures.


You might like to make yourself a den, like a cave, out of some material and chairs or a big box. You can use anything you like. Act out going into the cave and what it looks like, feels like, what you can hear or smell in there.


Imagine that you are walking along a narrow, winding path through a snowy forest in the sunlight, with a friend. Suddenly, the path disappears. You are standing in front of Little Bear's cave. You go inside. Take care, the cave is dark and the roof is low. How would you feel? Touch the walls of the cave. How might they feel? Are they wet? Slimy? Cold? It is a little dark and you might stumble over something. What could it be? You can hear some sounds. What could they be? Can you hear an owl hooting outside the cave, as it becomes dark? Can you see anything around the cave? Can you describe what you can see. Are there slimy snails, hairy spiders?


If you want to you can pretend to be Little Bear looking around the cave. 

Share what you could see, hear, feel or even smell in your cave by either making a quick video or writing down some of your thoughts from your role-play on the sheet. You don't need to write sentences, just one or two things in each box to describe them (use adjectives), so you can remember them for next week. I have done an example for you. The main thing I would like you to do today is to have fun acting out!

Cave setting ideas sheet

Cave pictures