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Today, you are going to be writing your own diary entry! This will be about what you wrote on Monday and yesterday! When Noi finally saw his friend again! 

Have another watch of the video below (if you feel it will help you) to re-cap about diary writing! 

Year 2 English - 10th Feb 2021

Below, I am going to include the Noi diary entry example, some word mats (past tense, adverbs, time conjunctions, feelings) and a diary entry checklist! Use them if you think they will help you. 

I know that some of you like to print the work out, so I have also added a sheet with the Noi border for you to write your diary entry on to if you wish. You don't have to do this! It can, and will be perfectly fine to go straight into your books!

There is one with some sentence starters. Only use this if you feel that it will help!



Wednesday 10th February 2021

Can I write my diary entry?


Remember to start with 'Dear Diary'.