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Making a storymap for the middle of the story 'Can't you sleep Little Bear'

Today, carry on with your storymap and draw pictures for the middle of the story. Remember, that the middle of the story is the large part, where there is a problem in the story - Little Bear can't sleep! Big Bear then tries his best to solve the problem, by bringing Little bear different sized lamps. Draw your story map carefully and stop after you have draw the part where Big Bear brings the biggest lantern. We are not writing the middle of the story today.

Once you have drawn it, practise using your storymap to say the story to yourself, so you know it really well (off by heart). Remember, you can write some important words or adjectives with your pictures, so you remember to say them in the story to make it really interesting. For example, you might want some words to describe the lantern:


Tiny, twinkling 


The biggest metal lantern



We are not writing today. Just concentrate on speaking the middle of the story carefully and knowing it well.