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Writing the middle of the story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?'

Today, we are going to start writing the middle of our story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' We are doing this today and tomorrow, so you don't need to rush it. Do some today and carry on with it tomorrow.

Use your storymap of pictures to help you write it. Remember, you can write your own ideas into the story and add different adjectives. You can also listen to the story video again from last week if you want to or use the pictures from the lesson presentation below too.

To make your writing fabulous, you will need to use: -

  • Capital letters to start your sentences and full stops to end.
  • Some adjectives to describe the different lanterns, including your 'er' and 'est' endings. You can even use adjectives to describe how the bears feel or what the dark looks like!
  • Use some question marks ? and some  exclamation marks  
  • Try and use some different verbs for how Big Bear walks or speaks to Little Bear, as he gets tired ( eg. different verbs for the word 'said')


There is also a wordbank to use to help you with some spellings, but 'sound out' the other words yourself, using your phonics that you know. I am really looking forward to reading the middle of your stories Year 1. Your beginnings were fabulous!




Powerpoint of pictures from the story