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We are starting a new unit and text today, Year 2! I love this unit. It is so much fun and I think you will love it too! The text we are looking at is fiction, however it is in the style of a non-fiction text. 


There's no writing today... just enjoying the new text and a little bit of reading!

The first thing I would like you to do is just look at the first page in our book. Look very carefully and talk to an adult about what you think is happening! Think about the possible contents of the van, and why do you think it has been left on the street?
Now, look at the last page in our book. How has the scene changed? What do you think might have happened? Discuss this with an adult!
Now, watch the video where I read the text to you! I really hope you enjoy it!

Monsters: An Owner's Guide

For today's activity, you are simply going to be reading a page of the text! However, we are going to focus on fluent reading - and you are going to practice this by reading the page below. Read this with an adult, and/or put a video on your portfolio of your reading so I can see how amazing you all are!


First, watch the following video to understand a little more about reading with fluency!

What is Fluency?

Here is the page I would like you to practice reading:

(don't worry if some of the words are a little to hard... just try your best and ask for help if you need it!)