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Monsters: An Owner's Guide

Well done, you are now an employee of the Monstermatic Toy Company! 

I hope you have seen your badge on your dojo portfolio! You will need to remember your employee number! 


Watch my video below to find out about today's lesson where you will be dealing with a complaint from a customer!

Dealing with a complaint!

Here is the complaint from the customer:

As you can tell, the customer is really upset! 


Your job is to reply to the customer and answer the question that has been asked. Please see the documents below to help you with this!


Please only use the sentence starters in the response template if you are struggling! I would love it if you could come up with you own - but I am perfectly happy for you to use the sentence starters on my template if you need to. 


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Can I reply to a customer complaint?

Remember to use conjunctions in your sentences to add extra information! Use this conjunction mat to help you with this: