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We are going to do lots more work on our new text in the next couple of weeks, but for today, I would like you to have a look at the suffixes -ment and -ness! 


Have a watch of the videos below to help you with today's activity!

Spelling Zone suffix -ment

Spelling Zone Suffix -ness

Below, I have included a word search and a worksheet for today! 


I know some of you do print the work off, and some have been able to edit the worksheets on your devices, so if you can, have a go at the wordsearch! If not, do not worry. Just have a go at the activity/worksheet in your books instead!


Top Tip: 

  • For the activity sheet, say each word with both of the suffixes and decide which one sounds correct if you're struggling!
Now, have a go at the two quizzes below! You need to select the correct spelling for the root word + suffix!