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Today, we are going to be looking at the difference between fiction and non-fictions books and texts. Work through the short lesson presentation with an adult to find the differences between these and think about the types of fiction and non-fiction books you have at home and have seen in school.

Sometimes, you can quickly know whether a book is a non-fiction (information book) or fiction book (story) by looking at the front cover of the book. The pictures and sometimes the title can help us know this. Watch the video below to find out more.

Then complete the activity below.

Fiction and Non-fiction

Do you know the difference between a fiction and non-fiction text? Watch this video for an explanation and activities you can complete to practise this skill...


You can choose which activity you would like to do today. You can either:-

  1. Find your favourite fiction book and one non-fiction book at home. Draw their front covers and write a sentence to say how you know one is fiction an the other is non-fiction OR
  2. You can use the table and copies of book covers below. Cut out the book covers and sort them into fiction and non-fiction, by looking at the pictures and reading the titles. Be careful, some are tricky, so you might need to chat about the titles and what you think with an adult first, before you glue them down!