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Listen to the reading of Tigress on the video below, which is written by the author Nick Dowson and illustrated by Jane Chapman.

Do you think the book is fiction or non- fiction? Is it a bit of both?

When you have listened, write down the most amazing fact about tigers that you have learned and post it to me on your portfolio.

Tigress by Nick Dowson and illustrated by Jane Chapman | Storytelling from Hamilton Trust

Ruth Merttens reads Tigress by Nick Dowson. This book interweaves facts about tigers with a story about a tigress hunting, swimming and caring for her cubs. ...


Look at the Tiger sentences below. Some are fiction sentences and some are non-fiction, or 'fact' sentences.

  • Read each sentence and highlight or underline with a coloured pencil all the sentences that are non-fiction (facts). You can do this on your computer/tablet, if you want to. Ask an adult to help you read them if you are stuck with any of the words.
  • Check with the tiger sentences answers page to see if you spotted them all.

Then, use the tiger picture on the third page to write some non-fiction labels to describe the tiger, from the information you have found out today (eg. sharp claws, blue tongue etc).

Now try this fun-time extra!


Watch the video below and have fun, finding out about other big cats.

Big Cats for Kids - Animals for Kids - Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar and more

In the wild, there are big cats. Huge cats! Cats that are carnivores, meaning they hunt and eat meat. Some of these cats have powerful roars. Some of these g...