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Today, you will be thinking about performance poetry! 

This means not just reading poetry, but performing it too! You can learn more about this by watching the video below. I am sure you will recognise the author in the video, you used to love his performance of the poem 'Chocolate Cake'. 

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories

Watch this video to learn some top tips for performing poetry. You will be performing part of our focus poem 'All Are Welcome' this week, so make sure you listen to his tips.

Now watch Michael Rosen perform Chocolate Cake! Did you see him include any of the tips from the previous video? You all LOVE this video - so enjoy!

Now have a look at the worksheet below. 

There is no writing today, I am sure you will be glad to know! 

I have chosen two stanzas from our focus poem that I feel you would like the best. Your task is to learn these stanzas off by heart - just the words for today. Tomorrow, you will begin to add actions and get ready to perform! 

Worksheets and activities