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R.E with English from World Book Day

Today, I would like you to look at one other page from the book we shared, called 'The boy, the fox, the mole and the horse.' Have a look at the picture below and the words - the quote.

  • Chat about the words with your adult. What does the boy mean by 'so much beauty we need to look after?' Which beauty does he mean?
  • Think back to your R.E. lessons about creation - how God made the world. Discuss what you think we as people, in our beautiful world need to look after.
  • Then design and make or draw a picture to show our beautiful world (this might be different to different people, depending on what you think is beautiful) You can do this anyway you like. You can draw it and colour it in, use craft materials, use the computer to make it. You decide the best way.
  • Finally, write a sentence about what you think we need to look after in our world and why you think it is important.
  • Try and keep your pictures safe to perhaps bring back to school at some point when we come back together, as it would be lovely to display these in school with your sentences.