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Go onto the website and log onto this with:-

 username: saintstephens  Password:orange

Then on the left hand side of the screen, you will see a tab, as per the picture below, entitled phases. Click on this and choose phase 5

Scroll down the page and find the game, called 'Investigating alternative spellings 00 and (y) 00 and click on the magnifying glass to open it.

The children have used the 'Phoneme spotter' last week to find different spellings of the 'oo' and 'yoo' sound, but if they wish to read this again to remind themselves, they can do.

Then, click on the 'word sort'. This will give different words for the children to read and sort and drag into alternative spellings of 'oo' and 'yoo''. For example, the word nephew can be moved into the column 'ew.', as the 'yoo' sound in the word has an 'ew' spelling.

Once children have completed this, they can click onto the 'best bet' to see which spelling of oo or yoo occurs most frequently in the middle of words, end etc, for them to use in their spellings.


I have also loaded a paper version of the word sort for children to use, if they wish.