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Green Phonics group

We are nearly ready to start phase 4 phonics. Before we do this, we need to practise phase 3 and make sure that we know all the sounds and the tricky words. This week, we will practise them, before moving onto phase 4. 

First, practise the flashcards on phonicsplay, by clicking the link below (username: jan 21, password: home)

Next, use the phonics picture activity sheet to look at the sounds and pictures. Write the words to match the sounds and pictures. Take your time to 'sound out' the words carefully.

Finally, choose 2 of the words that you have written and use them to write a short sentence or caption. Write this in your book at home or on paper. It can be a silly sentence, but make sure you use the words from the sheet.

Remember to:-

  • Start with a capital letter.
  • End with a full stop
  • Use finger spaces