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Green phonics group

First, use the phonicsplay website (username - jan21, password - home) to practise the flashcards with all the sounds in phase 3 that you have already learned. The link is below:_
Next, watch the video to practise your phase 3 phonics. Listen to the teacher carefully and do the activities on here, when she asks you to.
Finally, complete the activity sheet by reading the sentences/captions and matching them to the pictures. Cut out the pictures and glue them next to the correct sentence. Remember, if you are at home, you can just read the sentences to an adult and point to the correct picture to match it.

Twinkl Live Lessons: Phase 3 Phonics - 'Recap' Lesson 17

Maddison and Felix are here again with another exciting phase 3 phonics lesson for kids! This educational video is all about recapping the sounds we learnt in phase 3.

Activity sheet to match pictures and sentences