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Green phonics group

First, use the phonicsplay website to play phase 3 sentences (username: jan21, password: home). You will need to click 'next'  at the bottom of the screen to take you to week 5 and then choose 'igh'. Press show for the game to show you some sentences to practise reading. If you would then like to practise some more sentences with different sounds, you can go back to choose more.

Click on the link below to take you to it:-

Next, watch the video to practise all the sounds you have done in phase 3

Phonics: Phase 3 Phonics Recap, plus examples and sound buttons, with Miss Ellis 💜

This phonics video is a recap of all of the sounds in phase 3. * First I say the sound.* Then after hearing the correct pronunciation it is turn for the child

Finally, use the activity sheet below to read the sentences carefully, by yourself. Then cut out the pictures and match them to the correct sentence. Remember, you don't need to print out at home, you could just read the sentences to an adult and then point to the picture that matches.