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Good morning.

This is our last phonics lesson for this week. You have done a great job! Remember if you have any questions, problems or concerns, send me a Dojo.


Friday 15th January

Today’s phonics focus sound is sh. This is a sound you learned before Christmas, but we will have a practise to make sure it is fresh in your brain. Show your adult the action.

1. Let’s start with the game Dragon’s Den. Read the word and decide if it is a real word, or a made up word. Choose phase 3 and one of the sounds you have been practising this week – ch, qu, sh, th. You will need the username: jan21 and the password: home. Click on the link below

2. Next have a practise at the ch, sh and th digraphs (often we get these muddled in school). Play along with the speed splat game.

Finally have a go at the worksheet to practise reading and spelling sh, ch and th. The link is below.


This is an online worksheet. There is the option to download. Just above the worksheet there are some blue links. One says download as PDF. If completed live, the worksheet will mark the top 2 sections for you. Scroll down to the blue finish button. It will give you an option to ‘email teacher’ you will need this code 81yrmqmo8pc. Or if you prefer, you can take a screenshot or photo and send to me on Dojo. I would really appreciate any feedback as to whether you prefer the downloadable version, or being able to complete online. Thanks

There is no expectation to print off any of the sheets. You can print, write onto the sheet on your device, write onto a piece of paper, or in a work book and send a picture, or simply spell the words/sentences onto Dojo and send. Do whichever works best for you.


Phonics is a crucial skill for your child. Please ensure that these activities are completed independently, although they may help to understand what to do, they must read and write the sounds by themselves in order to practise these crucial skills. At this stage we do not expect that words are spelled correctly, but are spelled phonetically.