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Group 1

Good morning Year 1. It is Mrs.Howarth here! I am usually in your classroom on a Friday morning, so this morning I am setting your work for you. I hope you enjoy this morning’s phonics activity! If you have any problems, questions or concerns about the phonics work, please don’t hesitate to contact me via dojo.
Today our phonics focus is to revise compound words. Compound words are 2 short words, that when we put them together become a new word.

1. 1. Let’s get your brains warmed up! Start with Phonics Play Flash Cards Speed Trial (follow the link below)

2. Next watch this video about today’s learning. To recap on what compound words are.

3. Finally complete this online worksheet to practise spelling compound words. Follow the link below (instructions are below to help you)

First  enter room number 'STSY2'

Then enter your child’s name (just the first name is fine – its just so that I can see the work they have completed)

Once you have done this it will open the activity for your child.

As it is a phonics activity please allow your child to sound out and spell completely independently. They should be spelling phonetically (as it sounds), using the sounds they have learned.

Look at the picture and spell each word by typing it into the answer box.

There are 10 questions. You will get a score at the end. It will automatically send me the score – so there is no need for you to add it to Dojo.