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Our Heart smart topic this half term is, ‘Too much Selfie, isn’t Healthy’.


So far we have learned, that we need to think about other people, as well as ourselves. Thinking about ourself – what we want, how we feel, what we need – without thinking about other people and what they are thinking, feeling, want or need, is not healthy. To be heart smart we need to become aware of the people around us and consider their needs as well as our own, our hearts and theirs are strengthened.


Last week we found out that to be heart smart we need to start spotting other people around us – when they are happy, sad, angry, upset. We should also spot when people are being kind, need help, or need cheering up.


Last week we had a #unselfie challenge to find out if you, and the people around you were being heart smart and putting ‘too much selfie isn’t healthy’ into practice. I have had lots of lovely dojos for the #unselfie challenge. Don’t worry if you forgot to send yours, there is still time!

Play this video to set the mood

This week Boris has a mission for you!

Dear Children,


Your top-secret mission is to do kind things for others in your family without being told or asked. When you have done something kind, don’t tell anyone – write about it on the secret agent card.


At the end of the week, I will give permission to your adult to access my file and they can see how successful your mission has been!


Go and be kind secret agents,


Next week your adult could take a photo of your secret agent file and send it to me. I would love to see the kind things you can do, without being asked!