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This week, we are going to continue looking at the theme of 'Too much selfie, isn't healthy'. 


Boris would like you to think about everyday heroes.

There are lots of people who work hard in our community to keep it safe and help the people who live there.


Can you think of who these people might be?


Now, have a look through the pictures of some everyday heroes below! Choose 3 and finish this sentence for each one in your books!! 


____________ is an everyday hero because....

Now, give this video a watch!! This is such an amazing and inspirational video. I must admit, it brought a little tear to my eye!!!!

For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

This one goes out to all the heroes - the kids and the grownups who are doing extraordinary things to make the world more awesome. Who is your hero? Share th...

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could write thank-you cards or letters to some of the everyday heroes in our community? This could be someone you know, or someone that helps you without you always realising it. Give it a go!!