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Our Heart smart topic this half term is, ‘Too much Selfie, isn’t Healthy’.

We found out last week, that we need to think about other people, as well as ourselves. Thinking about ourself – what we want, how we feel, what we need – without thinking about other people and what they are thinking, feeling, want or need, is not healthy. To be heart smart we need to become aware of the people around us and consider their needs as well as our own, our hearts and theirs are strengthened.

This is a link to a video which another school created, but talks through a power point and todays key discussion points about 'Too much Selfie isn’t Healthy.'

Join Mrs Hollamby for her first collective worship of 2021. She will explain all about our focus for today's 'Too much Selfie, isn't Healthy'.

Let’s see how good you are at being ‘observant’.

To get good at ‘too much selfie, isn’t healthy’ you have to get good at looking out, or spotting what is going on around you. Who is around you? What they are thinking and feeling?


Have a go at these ‘spot the difference’ activities, to practise your observational skills. If you prefer there is an online version, so that you can see if you have found all of the differences correctly. Here is the link below.

Here are the links to the online version. It is up to you which you prefer to complete. Either discuss with your adult at home, or complete the online version.

Use the pencil line to match the difference across the 2 pictures. Join the difference from picture a with the difference on picture b.

You will need the code 81yrmqmo8pc to email me.

We are part of a ‘selfie’ generation and therefore often think that we are the most important person in the room.


Remember, ‘Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy!’


We are going to take part in the #unselfie challenge mentioned at the end of the video. 

Can you spot someone who is being 'unselfie' this week?

Can you try to be 'unselfie' at least once each day? 

You don’t need to create a box/display of those things (unless you want to). Instead drop me a Dojo to tell me how amazingly ‘unselfie’ you or somebody you know has been. I would love to hear about it #unselfie challenge.