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You did such a fantastic job with our Geography topic last half term. Now, it's time to explore one of our History topics. We are going to focus on a really significant individual this term. 


Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole was a Jamaican woman who showed great kindness to sick and wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. 


There are now 3 videos that I would like you to watch. Each video is a different episode about Mary Seacole's life. 

The Life of Mary Seacole part 1 (of 3) | The Victorians | BBC Teach

The Life of Mary Seacole part 2 (of 3) | The Victorians | BBC Teach

The Life of Mary Seacole part 3 (of 3) | The Victorians | BBC Teach

I hope you learned a lot about Mary Seacole after watching these three video's. 


Have a look at the document below. Your task today is to imagine that you get the chance to interview Mary Seacole. I want you to think really carefully about the questions you might ask her! When it says to ask open questions this means where the answer is not yes or no - where the answer is much longer! 

You don't need to print it out - you can draw the speech bubbles or just write the questions in a list! 

Write at least 5 questions!


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Can I ask questions about Mary Seacole's life?


As an optional extension, look at the quote on the following document. This is a quote that Mary Seacole once said. I would like you to discuss this with an adult at home (as it can be a little tricky to understand) and see if you can decide together what Mary Seacole meant by saying this! Then, have a go at answering the questions underneath!

I can't wait to read how you interpret this quote!