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We are going to continue looking at and learning all about Mary Seacole, who, I am sure you will all agree, was an amazing and inspiring woman!! 


Watch this lovely video to hear Mary Seacole's story:

Kids Black History | Hoorah for Mary Seacole by Trish Cooke and Anni Axworthy |

Now, I would like you to follow the link below! This link will take you to BBC Bitesize where you can watch another little video about Mary Seacole and then an activity to see if you can remember the order of events of Mary Seacole's life. 

This is called chronological order. We have spoken about this in class! See if you can tell your adult at home what this means!

Now, have a go at answering the questions in the document below! The text is quite long, so you can spend time reading it with an adult at home, or you could listen to the voice recording below to hear me reading it to you!

Mary Seacole Text

As a lovely little extension for today's activity, I would love you to design an award for Mary Seacole and the wonderful things that she did to help other people! Use the template below to help you if you like, or completely design your own!