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Home Learning

At the moment, home learning may be necessary on an individual basis or for a whole class. 


In the event of this happening, Home Learning will be provided through Microsoft Teams. The children have their own email address and password to log into this and we have practiced logging on and accessing work. 


If you need to contact me during Home Learning, Class dojo is the best way to do this. 

Your child can message me through chat on Teams 

Home Learning Day


9:30am: Morning Teams call

          I will complete the register and explain the English lesson 

10:45: Breaktime

11:00: Maths Teams call

           I will explain the Maths lesson

12:00: Dinner Time 

           There will be an optional meet at 12:30 where you can talk with friends

1:00pm: Afternoon Meet

            I will complete the register and explain our learning for the afternoon 

2:30: End of school day


The day is structured to be similar to a school day. Your child will need access to a device (laptop/computer/ipad) for the entire school day. Any problems with devices, send me a message on dojo and I can help. 


Please make sure your child is sat at a table or desk with their device and their home learning pack. They shouldn't need any adult help at home throughout the day, as myself and Mrs Killeen will be able to remotely support

Here's our Teams Code of Conduct