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Internet Safety Day Activities

Good morning Year 2!

Instead of our usual Tuesday RE and Heart Smart lessons, today we are going to be learning about staying safe online.


That is because today is Internet Safety Day.


Although it is just one day, the things we learn today should be used everyday to always keep you safe online!

I hope you enjoy the activities


Welcome to ‘Safer Internet Day’.

It is so important to learn how to stay safe when you are online, especially at the moment whilst we are spending so much of our time using and accessing the internet!

Let’s start with a song!

Let’s have a think about the internet with Smartie the Penguin

There is a live lesson at 11am on the BBC website. Below is the link.

There is also an activity sheet which can be used alongside the live lesson. The link is also below.

Here is the sheet that goes along with the live lesson

Do you know which information you should and should not share online?


Have a go at this sorting activity.


Sort the statements into personal and public.


Personal information tells people important information that describes who you are. This information can be used by some people to try to pretend to be you, or could even be used to find out where you are.


Public information, is information which does not give clues about you.


Remember NEVER share personal information online.


I have a cut/sort activity paper version link below, or below is also the online word wall activity game.

The format is set as a sorting activity, but on the right hand side are some blue links, which allow you to change the format of the game. One is a game show which is really fun!

Here is the Personal and Public sorting activity (paper version).

Here is the online version. Personal and Public sorting activity.

How safe do you think you are when you are using the internet?


Take the quiz to find out. The link is below.


You could earn yourself a dojo, by sending me your score!

Let's finish with another song! Remember...Stay safe when you are on the internet!

Below are links to more fun internet safety activities from Smartie the Penguin, if you want to carry on having more fun!