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Tens and ones

Watch this video about the 'tens and ones' that are used to make numbers. Take your time to watch and understand it. You can always watch it again if you need to. Remember Year 1, that when you see a whole row of yellow cubes joined together, you do not need to count them, as you already know that there are 10 cubes joined together. This is the same as the cubes we have looked at in class together.

Complete questions 1, 2 and 3 today on the first sheet.

Tomorrow, there is a 2nd lesson on tens and ones, when you will complete the second sheet for questions 4 and 5

Activity sheets- tens and ones

When you open the game, you will need to click on the option for the two tens frames. Ask an adult to play a game with you. Ask them to give you a number upto 20. Can you correctly make it on the tens frames with the counters. Maybe, you could also practise writing the numbers on paper with felt tips, sparkly pens or chalk them outside (wrap up warm if you do this!).