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Today, you will be subtracting a 10s number from a 2-digit number! 


First, have a go at some of these games on Splash Learn:

1. Visit
2. Enter class code HASQDF
3. Select your profile
4. Enter password : blue14

You should then see some blocks to click on. You should see a big red button with a play symbol on called 'My To-Dos'.

Underneath, it should say '2 assignments', if you click on that button, there should be a selection of games and activities for you to choose from. You will need to scroll to find the section called 'Subtract multiples of 10 from 2-digit numbers'. (The other one is for tomorrows lesson)

Here is the worksheet for today. Below, I have linked a number square and the base 10 for you to use if you wish!

Remember, when we are subtracting a 10s number, the 1s digit never changes!!