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Subtraction not crossing 10

Watch the video about subtraction not crossing 10" by White Rose Maths.. Then do the activity sheet.

Complete the activity sheet below. Remember, you can work out the subtraction number questions by:-

  • If there are pictures on the sheet, then you can use the pictures to cross out how many need to be subtracted (or taken away), then count how many left.
  • Use dried pasta, buttons, small toy cars etc. Count how many there are to start with. For example, count out 14 buttons for the subtraction number sentence   14-3=  Then take away 3 off them and see how many are left.
  • Use a number line (copy attached) or long ruler to start on 14 and count back 3 (for working out 14-3=)
  • If you want to use a number line, but can't print out, you can ask an adult to draw one out for you on paper.