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This week for Math's, we are going to have a revision week! 

Each day, we will look at a topic/concept that we have explored in class before. There will be an activity online and then a page in our green homework books to complete! 

Today, we are going to think about our number bonds again, and we will also be thinking about addition!

Have a go at the following game. When you click the link, choose the 'number bonds' section and then explore the games on this page!

Now, have a go at this game! 

When you click play, select the truck with the + (addition) symbol to play these games.

Then, select 'Two-digit numbers' and have a go at the activities!

Now, complete the activities on pages 21 (number bonds) and 23 (adding). 

There are some extra explanations on pages 20 and 22 to help you with these activities!