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Today, we will be revising subtraction and how to check our answers using addition and subtraction. You will need this book again:

I would like you to play the same game as yesterday! 

This time, choose the truck with the - (subtraction) symbol. After that, select 'Up to 100, Two-Digit Numbers'. Now have a go at the activities! 

Now, turn to page 25 (subtracting) and have a go at the questions! The information on page 24 should help you too. 


After that, and if you want a little extra work, you can have a go at the questions on page 27! Watch the video below about inverse operations and how we can check our answers by doing the 'opposite'. 

Addition and Subtraction Fact Families

Now, have a go at the questions on page 27 (Checking). The information on page 26 will also help you!