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Yesterday we looked at recognising the value of the coins and notes that we use in the UK! 

To start today's lesson, I would like you to practice writing the £ (pound) sign!

You can do this in your Maths books on a new page, just at the top!

Watch this very quick video to help you!

The Pound Symbol

Now, have a watch of my video to help you with today's activity! 

Money! 23/02/21

Now, I would like you to have a go at the activity for today! There is no need for you to print this out as I would like it to go directly into your Maths books! 


There are two sheets below - you only have to do ONE. The difference is that one has more simple amounts on to make, and one is a little trickier. It's completely up to you which one you go for. 

Scroll down to find a picture of the purse screen from the video to help you!

Below is a challenge - this is completely optional