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Today, you are going to be adding amounts of £ and pence! 

Play this game (link below) to get you in the right frame of mind first!

When you click the link, choose 'Play How Much?', then select 'Easy' (to begin with, you can always challenge yourself if you find it too easy) and work out the total!

Now, give this video a watch to help you with today's work!

Counting and adding money

Now, have a go at the questions in the document below! 

You will need to read the question really carefully as it doesn't show you the coins or notes! Start by answering questions 1-8. If you would like to do more then feel free but 8 is enough!


Here are my top tips for today's questions:

  • Write out the set of amounts in your book, starting with the largest amount and ending with the smallest.
  • Always count the notes (pounds) first and then move onto the pence!
  • Remember to use the correct symbol: £ or p
  • Remember to add the decimal place in your answer to separate the pounds and pence.