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We are still going to use tally charts today, however we are going to use them to help us make block graphs. Some people like to call them bar charts, so you might have heard this too!

Have a watch of the video below to help you!

Block graphs! 03.03.21

First, I would like to see if you can read a block graph and answer the following questions about this one in your books:

1. The most popular animal is...

2. The least popular animal is...

3. There are ___ monkeys in the zoo.

4. There are ___ penguins in the zoo.


Now, have a look at the document below! Your job is to put the data from the tally chart into the block graph. If you can't print out (which I don't expect you to), try your hardest to draw out the block graph template. It's ok with me if an adult does this for you, and then you complete the graph by adding the correct amount of blocks!