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Today, we are starting to look at numbers upto 50. Watch the video below to understand how we make tens to count upto 50.

There is no activity sheet today. Instead, practise making bundles of ten at home, using different objects that you can find and then practise counting in 10's, so you know the numbers 'off by heart'. 





Counting to 50 by making 10s

Counting to 50 by making 10s" by White Rose Maths

If you feel very confident counting in 10's, carry on practising your counting upto 100. There are two song videos below to help you do this. 

You could even practise writing them with chalk, glittery pens, felt tips or make them with magnetic numbers, or anything else you have at home.

Have fun!

The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by tens from zero to one hundred with an adventurous dog and an adventurous song! The Counting by Tens song teaches skip counting by 10.

Counting By Tens Song

The Counting By Tens Song by Have Fun Teaching is a counting song that teaches kids how to count by 10's all the way to 100.