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This week, we are going to focus on the alternative spellings of the graphemes /ee/ and /ch/. 


Today, our focus is on the grapheme /ee/. 


First, have a go at this flashcards game to see if you remember all of our sounds! Select the option which says 'Phase 3 & 5a'. 

So, now you have two videos for today's lesson! 

The first video is going to explain and introduce to you, the different alternative spellings for the /ee/ grapheme. The second video gives you different activities! 

In both videos, when the teacher asks you to read or write something, please engage! This is so important! Do the writing in your blue books.

Phase 5 Alternative Spellings /ee/

Have a watch of the video below! 

In this video, the teacher will ask you to complete some activities. Please do this in your blue books!

(Don't worry that the teacher says Year 1. These Phonics phases can be explored through every KS1 year group!)

Phase 5 Week 05 day 5 phonics lesson /ee/ - y, ey, ea and split digraph e-e

Today's lesson revises reading capital letters and teaches reading and writing the alternative /ee/ - y, ey, ea and split digraph e-e