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First, I would like you to have a go at practicing some tricky words! 

Play the game on the following link. When you get there, click 'Phase 5b Tricky Words' and have a go!

(If it asks you to login, its Jan21 and the password is home)

Today, we will think about our alternative spellings for the graphemes /ee/ and /ch/. Let's see how much you have learned! 


First, you can watch the videos to refresh your memory if you like!

ee ea ey y e ie - Alternative Spellings

Phonics: Different ways to spell 'ch'

Now, listen to all of the recordings below and write down the words or sentences that you hear! Think really carefully about the alternative spellings. 

Word 1

Word 2

Word 3

Word 4

Word 5

Sentence 1

Word 6

Word 7

Word 8

Word 9

Word 10

Sentence 2