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Before we learn something new today, let's revisit the sounds we have already explored! Have a go at the game below. When you click start, choose 'All Phases' and have a go!

We are going to start exploring and learning our alternative spellings from now on! You have explored alternative pronunciations, which means how one sound can be said in many ways. Alternative spelling is when one sound can be spelled in many different ways! 


Today, we will explore the alternative spellings for the phoneme /ai/. 


Have a watch of the video below! When the teacher asks you to write something down, have a go! So get a pen and some paper ready! 

Alternative Spellings of /ai/ Phase 5

Now, I would like you to have a go at the phoneme spotter on the link below! 

phoneme spotter is where you have a text that you need to read! In that text, there will be lots of the phoneme /ai/ that you will need to find!


Click on the 'Phoneme spotter' tab and see how many times you hear/see the /ai/ phoneme!

Then, have a go at the 'Word sort' and see if you can sort the words into the correct pile! If you can, send me a picture of the screen once you have sorted out the words. 

Have a think: which is the most common spelling of /ai/? Which spelling has the most words in the column? 


(If it asks you to log in, the username is Jan21 and the password is home)