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We are going to carry on exploring the alternative spellings of /ai/ today. 

First, have a go at 'training your brain'. Follow the link below. Once you have clicked on 'start', choose the 'choose words' tab. Then, explore the words 'said', 'so', 'have' and 'like'. 

See if you can spell the words in your books!

Now, give the video below a watch! It's only a quick one, but it will help to refresh your memories from yesterday! 

ai ae ay ei eigh a - Phonics Alternative Spellings

I would like you to read the phoneme spotter below! 

If you are printing it, then you can circle/highlight the words that contain an alternative spelling for the /ai/ sound. 

If you aren't printing, then I would like you to write these words down in your book! You can list them :)!